Welcome to my very small corner of the Internet! Or, in less cliched terms, welcome to a corner of the Internet shared at various times between me, my dissertation, and a collection of assorted literary figures that drift in and out of the shadowy margins to fight me about my interpretation of their work, offer unsolicited fashion advice, and occasionally provide tea. I’m Cadence, third year English student at Cambridge, aspiring writer, mother to three wonderful houseplants and extremely enthusiastic dancer.
If this intrigues you enough to delve further, rest assured it’s not just books. You’ll find plenty of theatre, plenty of my own creative projects, and maybe a bit of wise (and less wise) life advice if you look hard enough. And, if you want something that just isn’t here, send your idea over and I’ll do my best with it (either via the “leave a post suggestion” page or by carrier pigeon, it’s up to you)
So like the page, follow my blog, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter pages, comment on posts, or do none of the above. Whatever you think will be most fun. But just to let you know I did write little character sketches of all my optional papers a while back so if you run away now you’re definitely missing out. On that note, while you’re here, click here to check out my latest blog post!
See you inside the rabbit hole,
Cadence x